Experienced Hired Consultants OPX Partners (Senior Consultants, Managers, Principals)

OPX Partners is a Nordic management consultancy supporting performance improvements. We support companies in making and implementing decisions on strategic transformation and operational improvement. Our engagement model is based on close client collaboration that secures client ownership of implemented solutions – we deliver effects not recommendations. Our consultants have both top tier consulting and line management experience giving our teams unique capabilities in mobilizing an organization and ultimately achieving results. 90% of our business is recurring or based on client referrals as a result of our commitment to build trust-based client Being an Experience Hired Consultant means that you have reached a level of expertise/experience that enables you to support management in making and implementing decisions on strategic transformation and operational improvement, whether it be independently or managing a project team of more junior colleagues.

Candidate Profile

  • OPX Partners is looking for analytically sharp, ambitious and dedicated team players, willing and able to go the extra mile to deliver extraordinary results to our clients

  • Like most companies, we look for the best talent. But there is a difference. We look for people who want to be part of a journey to build a company, to shape the company culture and develop something new, together with other amazing people

  • Specifically, we would like you to have a some of years line experience within strategy, business development or operations

  • In addition to this you have 2-4 years from top tier strategy consultancy that shows that you can work in a project-based setting, either independently or managing a project team

  • Foremost, we are looking for someone who has ‘lived the problems’ that our clients typically face and who is unafraid to ‘roll up the sleeves’ to find a solution


  • As an Experienced Hired you will work directly with clients, leading strategic projects helping them deliver impact on critical issues

  • Your core responsibility will be project definition and execution within your field of expertise, including: (i) Managing project progress through all phases of the assignment, making sure agreed upon deliverables are met on time and (ii) Coaching and supporting client team as well as less experienced colleagues

For more information please contact:

Edvard König


Mobile: +46 709 78 35 00